Ongoing Fundraising Campaign

Our ministry is committed to constantly sharing the good news; the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all around us like Jesus did. That's the reason I need this FUNDRAISING to be ongoing so we can give the chance to all those God put in their heart the desire to do something for the Lord, by giving to the poor and are looking for a legitimate ministry.

Way of Heaven Church needs your help, donations and support for those in need especially the orphans, poor children whose parents can't afford to send them to school and provide for their needs, the widows and the homeless.

The goal for this GoFundMe campaign is to provide some food and clothes for over 1500 total orphans, homeless individuals and poor families living in slum areas.

We plan to continue to go on the streets and give shoes to those we find without shoes, talk to the parents of those which have parents or anyone to look after them, invite them to our home/church and try to help any way we can.

We plan to start an elementary school in four places for slum areas children around Jalandhar. We had started one and kept it going for some time but because of lack of money we had to close it. We need to provide for them books, notebooks and all school supplies and provide food for them plus snack daily because their families are very poor and these children have no means of going to regular schools and continue to live uneducated from generation to generation, without a future.

We want to help them brake the pattern and want to teach the children the basic classes at least and if we can get more funds will do all we can to continue their education and help them integrate in society.

Then we want to go visit some orphanage, that we've also visited in past, and provide them with a warm meal, some small gifts and have some activities with them. Below are some pictures included . We want to go again and put a smile on their faces, because they are left there because their families don't need them or they have no family left.

Next we plan to buy a land next to our home where we plan to build an orphanage for 100 children and old age home for 100 elderly men and women - 25 Lakh followed by construction of the building to accommodate everyone.

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We can’t do it alone. Please help support this campaign. We need funding and prayers. We hope that God will work wonders and together as the body of Christ we can show them that they're loved and they matter.

This campaign is managed and operated by Pastor Raj Kumar Salhotra, with Way of Heaven Church Mission Field,, located in Jalandhar Cantt, India 144023.

Way of Heaven Church Mission Field is a Christian ministry which desires to spread the Word of God everywhere and with everyone. Way of Heaven also provides prayer support for those in need.
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Note From Pastor Raj

Thank you for taking the time to read what the Lord put in my heart and with His help and your prayers and contributions we can accomplish all these things.
Thank you very much and God bless you all.

Respectfully, pastor Raj Kumar

Getting Involved (Prayer, Financial Support & Social Media)

Any amount goes a long way. There are several ways you can help.

  • You can pray for us and our ministry. We need your support in prayer so that God's purpose is fulfilled!
  • You can support our ministry financially with any amount that God placed on your heart.

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